Vabali - Schalbruch 210, Düsseldorf, Germany, 02103 333770 $$$

Sunny skies and an afternoon to spare? Cold balmy front coming in? Either way, Düsseldorfers are flocking to Elbsee’s Vabali. 

vabali spa on the elbsee in düsseldorf

Sure, I know what you’re thinking. Düsseldorf? The city more known for its chemical parks, and Rhein-based shipping exploits than its lakes and luxury retreats? 

Yes, that Düsseldorf. But there’s more to the city than initialy meets the eye. 

Locals know it, and they wouldn’t want it any other way. 

First, there’s the upmarket shopping district, Kö, home to haute couture as well as up-and-coming ateliers. Then, there’s the ever bustling Carlsplatz Farmer’s market, the seasonal roof-top biergarten by the Rhein Terrace, and of course, multiple Baroque castles and former hunting lodges dotting the city’s landscape.

Though this may sound like enough to pique most people's interests, Düsseldorfers take pride in reinventing themselves. Similarly, they smartly demand the city do the same. Perhaps it’s the friendly rivalry with nearby Köln that drives it all forward, or maybe it’s something more deeply rooted in its own rich renaissance. None the less, the attractions keep coming and they’re getting better and better.

The most recent addition comes in the form of the charming Balinese-style luxury spa and day-resort: Vabali.

the dark wooden Bali inspired spa vabali

The latest in the Theune Brothers wellness and waterpark endeavours, Vabali combines famed Asiatic stress-reduction techniques with Germany's penchant for quality and detail. You may have heard of their well-established Claudius Thermal Baths in Köln, or the stylish LIQUIDROM in Berlin - both of which have solidified their place within their respective communities and have become a part of the locals’ regular health regiments.

Recently, we partnered with Vabali’s Marketing and PR team in Düsseldorf to produce aerial footage of the expansive grounds and secluded nature setting.

Now, we can’t wait to go back - this time exchanging the drone for an oversized spa-towel and a cold beverage.

Why we Love what Vabali is all About

As soon as you walk through the front gates, you’ll get a hint. The scent in the air is so light, it could go almost un-noticed. But stop to smell the sandalwood, and you’ll realise that a bounty of other fragrant aromas are delicately contained within.

Not overbearing, and not bland, it’s the latest signature aroma to be featured at the Düsseldorf location. Designed for Vabali exclusively.

They take the same care with each aspect of their guest’s visit: from plush robe rentals and slippers, to the light and flavourful, no-sugar-added fruit smoothies.

Every detail has been carefully worked out in favor of maximizing your comfort and reducing your stress. This is why we can't get enough: it's top quality at its finest.

The feature pool? It's a stone's throw away from the moored yachts and Elbsee shoreline. Providing for a proper cool down after frolicking between the stunning restaurant patio and adjacent saunas, the waterfront is always in full view.

the feature pool at vabali Düsseldorf is spectacular

The pool is only one of the many equally enticing features though.

From the bio-sauna set at a mild 55°C, the Meditation suana, and the Lakeside bath with large windows sporting unobstructed views of Elbsee: they’ve thought of just about everything. And, we haven’t even had time to tell you about the luxurious ladies-only amenities, the herb-and-candle set up, nor the 95°C sauna embedded in the heart of the gardens. 

Naturally there are saunas in cabins and huts, as well as hot-and-cold pools and showers - all perfectly laid out in order to help you control your body temperature and cool-down cycle efficiently, while optimizing your restorative regiment.

At the heart of it all is a captivating aqua-marine and turquoise tiled pool.  Oversized and surrounded by side tables and recliners, it’s the perfect way to soak up the sun, or take an afternoon nap among nature.  

For those weekends when expats and Germans can’t get out of town to visit nearby France, Belgium, or Netherlands, they don’t mind staying in. They know what’s in their own backyard and it may just be Nordrhein Westfalen’s best kept urbane secret.