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Jamie's Search for the World's Best Cheese Burger takes her to Toronto, Canada

For the past year Jamie, Travlr Blog's main writer, has been on a pretty serious quest. Despite racking up some serious caloric intake - she's not stopping till she's developed  her list of the world's Top Ten Cheesy-B's fully.

Now, she's just one burger away...

To make it fair to burger joints everywhere, she's keeping it to her self-proclaimed global burger capitals: America, Canada, and Germany.

She can't try every burger joint in the world, but she's had far more burgs in her life than the average Toronto gal probably should. And she loves her cheeses. Particularly good old fashioned Cheddar

But that's not where her measure of the best burg ends. She's looking at the freshness of choice veg, the necessity of the condiments, the doughiness of the bread, and, of course, the ultimate taste level of moist-tantalizing meat. Suffice it to say that this lady's a bit of a connoisseur.

Her foodie passions have seen her work her way up the ranks at several modest kitchens over the years. Not to mention, a 5 episode stint as a Bacon Specialist on Come Dine With Me.

Now she's traveling the world interviewing chefs, foodies, farmers, and chief burger makers. Her next stop? Back to Toronto, Canada for one week of Burger-binging goodness.

Here's her latest piece on what just might turn out to be, the world's best Cheesy-B. So you can get caught up to speed of course.

In conjunction with her Top Ten list, Jamie will publish two others: Burger Joints that have Fallen From Grace (a.k.a. those that are no longer in Jamie's good books), and The Ten Worst Burgers Joints Plaguing Burger Capaitals of the World - Right Now.

Have a burger joint recommendation for Jamie? Send it to her in the comments below or on Instagram  @TravlrBlog  or @hotelblogr #JamiesBurgerQuest 

cheese burger from The Burger Stop in Düsseldorf Germany