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So, Who's Behind this Travlr Blog Anyways?

Good question. We've never really formally introduced ourselves, have we?

Well, I'm Matty...

You can usually spot me a mile away - not only because I am 6' 5'', but because I typically have camera gear in tow. With a strong professional background in both business analysis and photography, I don't let my day job define me.

During the Monday-to-Friday-shtick, I work for one of the biggest brands in the travel tech industry. I love it as I'm elbows deep in analysis, trend reports, and opportunity costing. But, I equally love what consumes me outside of that. During my leisure hours, I pull double duty as a photographer-filmographer, and producer.

Born in the UK and raised in North America, I set out to capture life through the lens at an early age. Armed with my dad's Konica-Minolta 35 mm, a sense of curiosity, and an open mind, I'd snap photographs all across our city's landscape. Anything that caught my attention was subject to the end of my lens.

Then, I met Jamie, Travlr Blog's main writer, and my partner-in-crime.

Together, we turned this into a side-profession. She'd trained years’ prior with world-renown fashion and celebrity photographer, Matthew Lyn.

Early on, he noticed her skills in logistics, styling, set direction, and set management, and she continued to hone those later on while tackling her favorite subjects: food, fashion, travel, and lifestyle.

Now, fuelled by our mutual joie de vivre, we work together following our passions across the globe.

Stay tuned to Travlr Blog as we take you with us from the seat of your desk or couch, across the ocean and back. Together, we'll visit top restaurants, the hottest hotels, sultry-shore lines and life's most savory bites. We'll give you our tips for truly living' like a local, all the while soaking in style.

And, this is Jamie, 


Matt snapped that picture above on our first trip to Poland together in 2014.

Since then, we've been traveling from roadside-diner, to back-woods bar; enjoyed a bi-plane ride over New York's Catskill mountains; joined the Bavarian's to ring in 500 years of Beer Purity,  cooked up some mezedes with Greek celebrity chef,  Christos Ioannidis, and, well, you get the idea.

We're foodies, we're explorers, and we get around.

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been one to seek adventure. Through travel, I’ve been moved by colorful nature, and richness of culture that varied societies embody. Through my trips, I’ve been able to reveal new muses that guide me; weaving these influences and stories into new passions and ideas.

I have involved myself in an array of dynamic businesses: from modest, family-owned brands, to start ups, and well established firms and creative agencies.

Currently I work in Germany as a business consultant with a penchant for helping companies become more profitable through operational tweak and a stronger brand presence.

Working at one of the most creative and innovative firms this side of the Rhein is only part of what I do now though. More often than not, you'll find me going between my home-base in North-West Germany, the Mediterranean, North America, and then back again.

Join me in my hunt for the world's best Cheesy-B, or as I rediscover the hidden gems of those off-the-beaten path places that make traveling the incredible experience that it is.

Share your trips with me on Instagram @hotelblogr and re-visit this blog often to discover your next trip, through our lens on Travlr Blog.

Have an assignment for us?  We will help your restaurant, luxury property, or hospitality concept blossom in front of the travelers that you want, not that you need.

Let's work together to tell your story.