I can't believe I'm about to say this, but the burgers from WIECK might just be the best burgers in town as management claims. Why am I in disbelief you ask? Not because I'd expect quaint Roermond to have numerous noteworthy burger-joints (or could they? Enzo, I'm talking to you). Rather, I'm having a hard time saying this because, until now, I've maintained that if someone tells you they've got the best of something, walk on by, because if it was true - well, then, they wouldn't need to tell you. Right? Right...

wieck is a quality burger bar in roermond Netherlands


Well, sort of. There's an exception to every rule (hopefully just one). And, in this case, WIECK may be it.

You see, the Dutch tell it like it is. So, I'll give WIECK the benefit of the doubt here and assume that they're just trying to help the burger-craving passerby pick a place to eat. Especially since their best burgers in town statement is backed by almost 200 ratings in Facebook averaging an impressive 4.7/5.

In fact, eating-in is recommended but a reservation is almost mandatory because of its overwhelming popularity. Not that the staff won't try to accommodate you, they will, but there's only so much they can do with a burger joint of roughly 10 small tables.

And believe you me - it's full. But it's cosy too. Pillows on wooden benches kind of cosy. And there's no pressure for you to vacate your seat right after the burger's done like in fast-food restaurants. Rather, stay a while, order an digestif, and relax -  provided you made that reservation - else you may need to make room for someone who did. Though, if it's just a quick bite you're after, there are probably other places better suited to your needs. WIECK is meant to be enjoyed and its food and drink to be savoured leisurely. Here's why.

It bares a slight resemblance to a modern take on the classic Greek Carbona (charcoal-grill), which celebrates savoury food as much as the good life. The artisanal burgers on offer also suggest the Mediterranean is a source of inspiration for WIECK. Choice burger recommendations include the bio-beets and feta cheese burger, the Mediterranean burger with rucola and pepper-sauce, and the one featured in this post's main image which is simply referred to as The Greek (with tzatziki). They also have boxes of condiments that will win you over as soon as you spot the dozen or so legitimate hot sauces contained within. That's my favourite part. These are people who clearly take this diner-classic seriously, every detail supports that conclusion. 

Greek ingredients and Mexican Hot sauces aside, it's 100% Dutch. Wiek Oosterbaan is the man behind the brand, and as his social media accounts attest, he's concerned with two things: food, and this restaurant. You can see the passion in the customer ratings and reviews that he still takes time to respond to. Not to mention the food-filled feed of his Instagram account. 

Online, his foodie philosophy is front and centre as well. It translates from Dutch to something like this: Only premium (regional) products are served. These were carefully selected and prepared by the chef and owner himself.

That's important to us in a world where bland food stripped of nutrition and lacking in sustainability is more often than not what's on offer.

gin and tonic from weick bar and grill in roermond Netherlands

And, the best part is, the premium selections extend from the food to the  beverages at WIECK. No need to wash this take on an American classic meal down with sugary soda pop. I mean you could, but the team at WIECK has a flare for making gin and tonics.

Pull my arm and call me Nancy, I'm not one to go against status quo on occasions when botanical goodness present themselves alongside fresh sprigs of mint and quinine infused tonic water.

Though, I'm not sold on the emulsify-it-yourself dual purpose stir-stick-and-masher, but the authentic old fashioned rock glasses are without a doubt on the money.

Travlr Blog gives Wieck 5 lightly toasted burger buns out of 5, but, will it make our Best-of-Netherlands burger list? Stay tuned...

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