Jackson the drone works at travlrblog.com

Context is very hard to capture via traditional photo and video equipment and harder still with mere words alone. Yet, travel is all about feeling s strong sense of place. So, to ensure our readers the full experience, we had to think beyond the standard lens of travel mediums.  It didn't take long before we enlisted the help of this little guy from DJI to reveal destinations in a whole new light.

Meet Jackson.

Jackson is a Professional 3 Series drone who takes his work very seriously. What's that mean exactly? Well, let's just say he's made for one heck of a smart addition to our team. An awe-inspiring airborne 4K camera, Jackson (as we've affectionally dubbed our drone) contains years of aerial videography expertise in one smartly designed, lightweight travel companion - thanks to the manufacturer.

4K refers to the pixel count per photo or video image (that's right, this little bugger takes remarkable stills as well as vid). This means 4K images have a width of 4 000 pixels. To put that into perspective, the average TV watcher is used to hi-res, clocking in at 1080. At almost 4x the detail, this is considered ultra high definition.

Now that you know what Jackson is capable of, let's reveal some of the projects that this little drone's helped us on so far.

aerial top down view of castle hotel in Portugal
outeiro tuias Manor House Portugal
drone footage over Portuguese wine country

First he joined us in Portugal to capture the stunning natural surroundings Baroque castle-hotel, Outerio-Tuias (pictured left). The Douro (win) valley opened up to us, as did their immediate viticulture and landscape, revealing the context this almost 400 year old family business.

Kitted out with UV filters, and armed with a backpack full of extra blades, he's able to capture the entire surroundings without worry of over-exposed skies. This means image and video is rich in colour. And, thanks to our extra repair kit with blade, we can get up close and personal without fear of long down time due to damage, enabling us to show off the grandeur of the Quinta. 

Plus, like we said before, he's smart - he's got a natural aversion to obstacles and a homing-device so that we can safely get him back to base should we need to.

But above and beyond all this flying, 4K ultra-quality, and smart engineering, he does one thing that we mere land-based photographers can't: he gives viewers a much better sense of place. 

All of a sudden, buildings are larger and more impressive than you'd have imagined previously. Now, the big picture becomes an obvious reality as the natural setting becomes apparent with our newfound ultra-high-quality aerial imaging capabilities.

And this is why we couldn't imagine another project without him. Because, he gives you, our traveler, friends, family, readers, hoteliers, and restauranteurs a vivid view and a glimpse of the whole picture.

Thanks to Jackson, you can experience your favourite destinations, hotel, spa, or scenery like never before. often times the companies and people we work with directly have never even witnessed their property like this before, and you and they are sharing in this magic reveal for the first time together, thanks to Jackson.

In June, we took him with us to our beloved Greek Ionian while we worked with Holiday Autos to design the ultimate Corfiot road trip.

He was able to capture the sweep and swallow of the shores, and the ruins characterising the mountainous landscape, letting us, and you experience Corfu in such a way that wouldn't normally be possible, say unless you took a helicopter ride.

drone still of coastal road in Agios gordios, corfu

Then we worked with Vila Kipos in Paxos to revel one of Greece's most attractive, albeit little known globally, island destinations.

By this time, Jackson had clocked enough flight time to truly earn his wings.  That's when Vabali Spa came up with an interesting idea: Forget the video, go for stills.  Something highly shareable on social media that reveals the majestic Bali-inspired spa facilities for what it really is: wellness in nature.

With just under one and a half hours to shoot on site, we had to work fast in less than promising windy, and cloudy conditions, But, as always, Jackson pulled through. Take a look at his work in the gallery below. 

Until Jackson flies again,

Yours in top-end travel inspiration, Matty & Jamie