This spring, we were given the opportunity to write for The Culture Trip, one of the world's fastest growing travel media start-ups. With over 7 million monthly readers - they're a top source for travelers seeking authentic tips, inspirations, and off-the-beaten-path destination advice online. 

Recently, Travlr Blog penned an article for their site with the aim of revealing Czechia's top foodie hotspots - which until now, were relatively unknown to foreigners.

Fancy authentic Jewish cuisine? How about wild game and rich, full-bodied red wine? Feeling healthy? Keep it up while sinking your teeth into artisanal vegan-friendly tortes, hummus, and craft beer. All this and more awaits the traveling gourmand in Czech's food-haven.

SPOILER ALERT: it's not where you would think. 

So join us, ditch Prague, and head to South Moravia, Czech's wine country and culinary hub of gastronomic delights. 

Read the full article here.