Venizelou 46 New Port Corfu, Corfu Town, Greece, +266 110 050 5 $$ 

Grab a cocktail, a stack of pancakes, and let the atmosphere do the rest.

In the soon-to-be-gentrified neighborhood near Corfu Town's New Port, a must-visit restaurant has been born. Its chic umbrella-covered patio has beckoned passersby since it opened in fall of 2017. Should you find yourself within close proximity, don't ignore your gut feeling to abruptly change plans and check it out.

Though, before you enter, bank on leaving the day behind you as dawn will turn to dusk before you know it.

The coffee, the martinis, the vibe - all come together to create a tempting atmosphere that's hard to pull away from. So, give it a go. Here's to carefree Greek island afternoons and a modernised joie-de-vivre paired with an espresso-based bevy.

Welcome to Factory, where the vibrant Corfiots goes to unwind.

The stairs that lead up to the coffee roaster at Factory restaurant in Corfu Town.

The stairs that lead up to the coffee roaster at Factory restaurant in Corfu Town.

Not long ago, in-between sips of cafe frappe, my friend Christos Ioannidis told us about a new project he was working on. As the executive chef, he was nothing short of giddy when he recited the new restaurant's concept to us. To parphrase: everything made fresh, to enjoy in restaurant or at home, turning out consistently delicious classic meals - like a sort of food factory. 

We were intrigued, so we egged him on to tell me more. He did, and within minutes we thought it was starting to sound a bit too good to be true. The perfect coffee? Diner delights- modernised? Stay as long as you want. Jazz? Jazz.

The ever-popular espresso martini: the perfect companion to diner-inspired gourmet pancakes.

The ever-popular espresso martini: the perfect companion to diner-inspired gourmet pancakes.

According to Christos, coffee lovers would be attracted by the fact that high quality beans would be roasted onsite, under the watchful eye of co-founder and caffein fiend, Nikos Provatas.

Party animals would equally nod in approval at the daytime cocktail list that sports suitable nocturnal counterparts on its reverse side.

Not sweet, but rather cleverly crafted flavour experiences: each one pairing well with time of day and mood as much as they would the meals themselves.

Which brings me back to our friend Christos and his raison d'être. This was no typical Greek menu. Instead, foodies and expats would also revel in the fact that they'd find diner-style American classics, albeit refined and served gourmet.



With what little breath he had left between frappe and foodie-chat, he mentioned that the enveloping jazz, evening parties, and open-industrial-concept would merely become added bonuses. It would be a place that trendy yet busy-working-in-the-hospitality-industry Corfiots could go to unwind after work or between shifts, and on days off.

Excited and hungry, we had to make it a priority to see Factory when it officially opened. A few days after it opened (pre-menu printing), I did just that.

lunch is served at Factory in Corfu Town

The work is divided up among the co-founders, both seasoned veterans of top-end Greek hospitality offerings and the HORECA scene. Stamatis runs the back-of-house while Nikos takes care of the front.

Both are experts, passionate in their craft - and in the art of coffee roasting. The latter of the two can be seen at the bar while in-action.

His hands move over cocktail ingredients like an artist picking his palette for his next oil on canvas.

And as long as you're cocktail in hand, you'd best not delay. We found out early on in my visit that the smells coming from Stamatis' kitchen could not be ignored.

Diner classics here we come!

The pancakes, though we didn't get to try them, look like something out of a top foodie mag. A clear favourite, as indicated by the steady stream of orders witnessed during my visit.


Being as it was around lunch time when Travlr Blog popped in, we decided to shared a drink or two alongside Factroy's slow-roasted pulled beef sandwich. 

Picture a Philly Cheesesteak's more attractive cousin. Scorched tomatoes provided the right amount of acidity to cut the sweetness of the caramelised onions, and the beef is exactly the kind of comfort food you need in your life on a cool breezy weekday or evening where both rain and sunshine play second fiddle to the changing of the seasons.

Getting hungry? We don't blame you. Tell us what you think of this new restaurant concept in the comments below.

And, if you're dying to know more - don't forget to scroll through the gallery.

Text J.Patterson & M.Chojnacki (Editor)

Photography & Styling: J.Patterson
Journalistic Note Taker & Jr. Food Critic: M.Chojnacki