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 Burgers + Beer = Beaver

a pint of craft beer at Vienna's American craft brewery, beaver brewing company

In the USA, craft breweries and burger shops are nothing short of institutional. And it's not hard to imagine why. Hoppy ales and cheese-covered burgs are bound to hit the sweet-spot between work outings, sports-fuelled sessions, and a night out with your best buddies.

Now, Vienna's getting a taste for what might just be the finest example of Americana in Austria yet. That's thanks to Beaver Brewing Company (BBC), just 50 meters (150 feet) from the US Embassy. Coincidence? Maybe. Fortunate? Definitely!

A bit of stroll from the old town, the walk just adds to the experience and for burger enthusiasts; to the anticipation. Why? Well, Liechtensteinstrasse seems like an endless boulevard. A remnant of the Hapsburg-era, it's easy to sense Vienna's former glory and current raw beauty while walking along it and taking in the imposing architecture.

As the tummy grumbles (about 18 minutes in) look up to notice a white corner building, centuries old, standing out like a diamond in the rough. It's sort of fixed up, and sort of beautiful as-is.

The boxes with red and white flowers in front suggest the purveyor has either coincidentally chosen patriotic colours, or someone with a penchant for detail is behind the place. My experience suggests the latter.

A native of Michigan, American-born owner Dave Beaver is as down-to-earth as they come. You'll often find him sporting a ball cap and a wry smile. And, though he may tell you that it 'all sorta fell into place', when he founded Vienna's American craft brewery, we're convinced that this man has more business  accumen in his little finger than most could ever dream of.  

Marty the dog at Beaver Brewing company in Vienna is on guard duty at the brewery

In-between chats with the brew team and walks with his adopted pooch (Marty was it?), Dave can be scene reviewing the menu, bite after bite, ensuring quality is up to snuff. Literally. He taste-tests everything, and though he gives the executive chef a lot of freedom, he's a stickler for the American way. Wings? Where's the blue cheese dressing? Burger? The cheddar has to be ooey-gooey.

And it's this attention to detail, this dedication to authenticity that made us fall in love with Beaver Brewing Company; its beer, its burgs, and its Beaver.

Dave's not the only one working around the clock determined to do things right, though. Marty (the dog), has a busy schedule guarding the brew tanks, surveying the goings-on, and keeping Dave company. Naturally, they make for a pretty good team and you can't meet one without the other.

Vienna's best classic American cheeseburger is from beaver brewing company

And, this dynamic-duo have only been holding down the fort together since Marty was adopted just over a year ago. Five years back, Dave, an American ex-pat, was working as a middle school sceince teacher at the American school in Vienna. It's then that he decided enough was enough. Enough with the Austrian's famed Zwickl beer (where was the real-deal IPA to be found?) and enough with the lack of good American diner-esque food.

Something had to be done and Dave was the man to do it.

Hiring a business advisor was his first move. His second was to recruit a team of professionals, including a couple brewers (home and commercially trained). Armed with a clear vision, he then embarked on his venture and the rest, as they say, is history.

Why we love this place

Not only do we think Dave is our hero for bringing a bloody good burger and brew to Vienna; we love his can-do positive attitude.

He empowers his staff to experiment, meaning that the menu and beer pairings are evolving. But he's smart about it. The favorites that have been perfected stay, while a couple taps and dishes are on seasonal rotation. He's got a master brewer who knows how to brew for the masses while preserving quality with all-natural ingredients (one that the the Austrians demand), while his at-home-trained brewer has near free reign to invent new flavour combinations that Americans can get behind (but that Austria is in short supply of).

The burger? Well if you've read any of our burger war posts, you'll know we take these seriously. And, let me tell you: this is perfection in a patty. Savory? Check. Gooey? Double-check. Moist? Mhmhm.

We could go on and on, but you should just try one for yourself and let us know what you think of it in the comment section below ;)